Country Music

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Country Music

INTERPRETVerschiedene Künstler

TITELCountry's Best

1.Chicken Train: Frightful Day3:56
2.Country Blend: F.P.Fiddle Song3:32
3.Country Gitty: Sing A Song3:37
4.Country Stars: For My Love4:12
5.Earthwood Family: Immer Nach Vorn3:45
6.Steve Haggard: Look No Further2:47
7.Joe Hodgkins: Weymouth2:43
8.Innuendo: Ein Andres Mal2:34
9.Hermann Lammers Meyer: No Way For A Cheater2:56
10.Elena Ley: Yellow Groove4:52
11.Jackson Mackay: Hey Hey The Cowboys Of The World4:17
12.Mark Merritt: There's A Way2:40
13.Mark Middler: Strong Song2:44
14.Diana Morgenstern: Country Feeling Pur3:04
15.Queens Of Heart: Dixie2:21
16.Sacred Sounds Of Grass: The Way Of The Cross3:09
17.Travelli 'n' Light: Bonitav3:43
18.Twango: Man What A Woman2:52

Musikrichtung: Country Music
Verlag: Obermain-Musikproduktion
Vertrieb: Obermain-Musikproduktion

Bestellnummer: 16809-2

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