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INTERPRETHermann Lammers Meyer

TITEL What Comes Next

Hermann Lammers Meyer - What Comes Next

Hermann Lammers Meyer - What Comes Next

1.What Comes Next2:15
2.Whoo M‘am Thanks Again2:43
3.Austin Forever ( Hand Me A Beer ) 3:29
4.Country Music2:58
5.Your Angel Steps Out Of Heaven Each Night3:38
6.Don‘t Pass Me By2:56
7.Will You Please Ask God3:43
8.Pretty Thing3:54
9.Tear Talk2:34
10.Hold Her In Your Hand4:06
11.We Live Country2:32
12.All These Miles3:22
13.Pretty Miss Honky Tonk3:59
14.Don‘ t We All Have The Right2:13

Musikrichtung: Country Music
Verlag: Obermain-Musikproduktion
Vertrieb: Eigenvertrieb
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 10.01.2020

Bestellnummer: OMP-CD-010120

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