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INTERPRETMandy Strobel

TITEL Off the Beaten Path

Mandy Strobel - Off the Beaten Path

Mandy Strobel - Off the Beaten Path

1.There's One Less Star up in Heaven3:24
2.Blue Moon above the Rockies3:12
3.Playing with the Heart of a Fool2:58
4.Feelin' Haggard3:46
5.Restless Cowboy4:05
6.I've Always Dreamed of beeing a Cowboy2:40
7.The Eagles Flies so High3:34
8.Singing Cowboy2:56
9.I'am Happy it's a Cowboy's Life I Lead4:10
10.Night on the Prairie2:24
11.Still Life3:28
12.Summer Nights2:50
13.If you Love a Rose you Must Also Love the Thorns3:57
14.The Leaf3:52
15.Like a River3:20
16.Don't Let the Old Man In2:42
17.Sedona Wrapped in Beauty3:50
18.I Still Love my Old Love Affair3:13
19.My Song2:23

Musikrichtung: Country Music
Verlag: Obermain-Musikproduktion
Vertrieb: Eigenvertrieb
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 21.07.2023

Bestellnummer: OMP-CD-020523 -----Nur Download!

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